Thursday, December 15, 2011

Golf Tip-Fairway Woods Swing Rhythm |

This video contains something I want to try and see if it helps my swing. The whippy club. I've never even herd of it until now, but it looks like what i would need to get my tempo going. Either way here is a golf tip video for you guys to help with a problem I know I probably have and so do many people the rhythm.
Fairway Woods Swing Rhythm |

Monday, December 12, 2011

You Can Now View This Blog On Kindle!

After some work my blog is now on the Kindle!  I consider this a pretty big accomplishment for myself thanks to you the viewers.  Now you can view this blog on a feed on the regular blogger site, and now Kindle!  What is next?  Who knows, but this is a big step for the blog.  Hopefully I shall have some new updates for you guys soon as the semester is coming to an end and I can go fire up the Golf Channel back in Wisconsin, and look up some golf world news on my laptop.  Anyway here is the link to the Kindle edition of this blog.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

First Time Watching Golf In A Long Time - Chevron World Challenge

So I have been away from golf on T.V. for a while due being busy with school, curling, and watching the Packers.  Today in between watching football I was watching golf.  And somehow to my amazement not only was Tiger leading on a Sunday, but he ended up winning the tournament!  I was saying to myself "I know I haven't seen golf for a few months, but when did Tiger start being good?"  Apparently this tournament is when he started to to be good.  Hopefully I'll have some more golf to watch for you guys soon.  The win for Tiger came down to the last put on the 18th green.  This is the kind of excitement golf needs to remind people that there is suspense in golf and it can go back and forth until the last possible second.  I'll tell you right now this reminded me that I like golf and I should try to pay more attention to it.  This was Tiger's 88th tournament win and although it was not part of the PGA Tour it snapped him out of his over 2 year streak of not winning.  So I'd like to say thanks Tiger for getting me excited for golf and congrats on the long awaited win.