Saturday, March 26, 2011

Which Course Would You Guys Pick?

So first off good news!  I finally got my laptop back from being fixed so I'm back to blogging when I have time again.

In my last post I was raving about the great new rates for Spooner Golf Club.  Well after sharing it with a few of my golfing friends I have a slight decision to make.  Almost all of my friends are telling me they like Butternut Hills Golf Course better than Spooner, and they would pick that even if Spooner is cheaper for a membership.  Here are the links for each golf course:
Spooner Golf Club
Butternut Hills Golf Course

Here are some specifics.  Spooner's student membership is $165 including tax whereas Butternut's is $180.  If I go by how long it would take for the membership Spooner would pay off quicker due to the fact their green fees are slightly more expensive than Butternut's and that the membership is cheaper.  Driving distance is pretty much the same for either course.  Spooner is a much higher rated course and has more prestige.  Spooner is rated four stars by Golf Digest whereas Butternut is rated three and a half.  Butternut seems to be much more friendly to letting anyone on the course.  Spooner typically is seen as much more stuck up and has a slight dress code both of which has pushed away my friends from golfing there.  I golfed at Butternut a lot last summer and I can say that it is a good course with barely any annoyances due to less respectful people playing it.  Spooner I have not played at since I was to young to drive a car before I quit golf as a kid so I can not say much about that course other than what people tell.  So here is what I am going to do.  I am finally going to open up comments to see if anyone will actually comment and give me your opinion.  I want you to tell me which golf course you would pick for a membership for me and why.  I am currently leaning towards Spooner.  Let me know what you think!

I was doing more searching around and found a YouTube video about the Spooner Golf Course.  Check it our here to help you decide which one you think is best.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Spooner Golf Club's new Twilight Rate for this Summer!!!

So I just received an email today from Spooner Golf Club in Spooner Wisconsin about their new fees and leagues for 2011.  It looks like the golf course which is a pretty highly rated golf course has some new amazing twilight green fees for 2011!  Here is a direct copy and paste from the email:

NEW Lower Twilight Rates in 2011!
There is a lot of fun to be had after 3:00 this Summer at SGC.  Besides the two afternoon leagues we now have even lowered twilight rates.
9 Holes - $12 walking or $21 with cart
18 Holes - $20 walking or $34 with cart
UNLIMITED - $40 with cart

This excited me.  Finally Spooner which was an expensive golf course to me has finally become affordable!  Not only is this finally affordable to me, but twilight rate starts at 3:00 P.M. instead of 5:00 P.M. that most golf courses around that area in Wisconsin offer.  So if any of you are in the Spooner Wisconsin area over the summer I suggest you go check them out.  I have herd good reviews about the course from friends.  The only things they really complained about was the dress code and the price.  Since one of those has been fixed I am recommending everyone to take advantage of these new rates.  Also the dress code does not really bother me as it is not a crazy request in my mind for the course they just do not want you looking like a bum.  After I received the email I decided to look on Spooner's web site to check out their new rates for 2011 and low and behold THEY NOW HAVE AMAZING AFFORDABLE STUDENT MEMBERSHIPS!!!  The student memberships are actually cheaper then they are at the Butternut Hills Golf Course which is close to the Spooner Golf Course.  Butternut Hills is the golf course I golfed most at last summer.  I believe I may have found the first course I will actually get a golf membership at!  I am very excited about this if you can not tell.  I will keep you updated if I get a membership there or not.  Below are the links for the golf course and their 2011 fees.

Spooner Golf Club
Spooner Golf Club 2011 Fees

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Product Review: David Leadetter's Golf Instruction Series I

David Leadbetter's Golf Collection Series - 2 DVD SET (Vol.1)

The same time I checked out Golf for Dummies I also checked out this DVD.  The library had tons of these from volume one to volume five I believe.  I figured that since the library had tons of them this would be a very good DVD.  In my experience it was not though.  The DVD layout is David has a golfer with common problems where he diagnoses those problems then fixes them.  First off the DVD is old in fact I am sure this series was made before DVD's were invented.  Since it is dated that makes it already hard to enjoy while your watching it knowing that teaching styles change over the years.  Second this DVD is dry, boring, and very drawn out.  The DVD went along way to slow for my tastes.  I watched about half an hour and really did not get anywhere in the learning process, got bored with it, and turned it off.  I can't really give to full of a review just because I didn't not even watch half of the two disk DVD set.  From what I watched though the DVD wasn't anything to write home about.  This DVD must be popular to some, because of how many volumes of it were made, but it wasn't anything special to me.  I wouldn't suggest it to anyone with tastes like mine that is for sure.  I suggest you go watch the Golf for Dummies DVD I reviewed earlier.  I did get a good laugh out of David Leadbetter's accent and how high he wore his pants.

Product Review: Golf For Dummies DVD

Golf for Dummies

First things first.  I know it has been a while since I have posted anything up here and there is good reason for that.  My computer decided to take a dump on me, so I have been and continue to be without one.  So the updates will be few and far between until my computer gets fixed.  Onto the review:

Last week I decided to check out Golf for Dummies at the Grand Forks Library just because I needed my golf fix.  Believe it or not this DVD is good, really good!  First, of all it was done by Gary McCord.  You know the golf announcer?  I actually like Gary a lot and especially in this DVD.  The DVD covers the basics of almost everything from etiquette, to the grip, to the swing, to different parts of the course.  You can skip to a certain section or watch the whole DVD in full.  Gary teaches each well and with ease.  The one thing I really liked is all his training drills involved almost nothing except from time to time a 2"x4".  This makes these drills simple and inexpensive.  The extras section had a huge dictionary of golf terms that I found very informative and funny from time to time.  I loved almost everything about this DVD.  One thing I do wish this DVD did have, was the ability to go into each section in more detail.  This is a Golf for Dummies DVD thought not an all inclusive Golf information and lessons DVD series.  I enjoyed this DVD very much though, and watched it twice before I returned it.  I actually want this DVD as an Easter gift, because I liked it so much.  I suggest this DVD as a gift for any beginning or intermediate golfer, and for yourself it is a nice fun easy resource if you are having problems in any part of your golf game.  The DVD is around $10 on Amazon, and the book and DVD bundle is $29 which you can see below.  So go ahead take a look at it and buy it if you would like.  I recommend it.