Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Spooner Golf Club's new Twilight Rate for this Summer!!!

So I just received an email today from Spooner Golf Club in Spooner Wisconsin about their new fees and leagues for 2011.  It looks like the golf course which is a pretty highly rated golf course has some new amazing twilight green fees for 2011!  Here is a direct copy and paste from the email:

NEW Lower Twilight Rates in 2011!
There is a lot of fun to be had after 3:00 this Summer at SGC.  Besides the two afternoon leagues we now have even lowered twilight rates.
9 Holes - $12 walking or $21 with cart
18 Holes - $20 walking or $34 with cart
UNLIMITED - $40 with cart

This excited me.  Finally Spooner which was an expensive golf course to me has finally become affordable!  Not only is this finally affordable to me, but twilight rate starts at 3:00 P.M. instead of 5:00 P.M. that most golf courses around that area in Wisconsin offer.  So if any of you are in the Spooner Wisconsin area over the summer I suggest you go check them out.  I have herd good reviews about the course from friends.  The only things they really complained about was the dress code and the price.  Since one of those has been fixed I am recommending everyone to take advantage of these new rates.  Also the dress code does not really bother me as it is not a crazy request in my mind for the course they just do not want you looking like a bum.  After I received the email I decided to look on Spooner's web site to check out their new rates for 2011 and low and behold THEY NOW HAVE AMAZING AFFORDABLE STUDENT MEMBERSHIPS!!!  The student memberships are actually cheaper then they are at the Butternut Hills Golf Course which is close to the Spooner Golf Course.  Butternut Hills is the golf course I golfed most at last summer.  I believe I may have found the first course I will actually get a golf membership at!  I am very excited about this if you can not tell.  I will keep you updated if I get a membership there or not.  Below are the links for the golf course and their 2011 fees.

Spooner Golf Club
Spooner Golf Club 2011 Fees

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  1. I'm not expecting to golf much this summer but I'd be more than willing to be your caddy and drive the cart around. I'll even learn the clubs so you don't have to grab them yourself.