Saturday, March 26, 2011

Which Course Would You Guys Pick?

So first off good news!  I finally got my laptop back from being fixed so I'm back to blogging when I have time again.

In my last post I was raving about the great new rates for Spooner Golf Club.  Well after sharing it with a few of my golfing friends I have a slight decision to make.  Almost all of my friends are telling me they like Butternut Hills Golf Course better than Spooner, and they would pick that even if Spooner is cheaper for a membership.  Here are the links for each golf course:
Spooner Golf Club
Butternut Hills Golf Course

Here are some specifics.  Spooner's student membership is $165 including tax whereas Butternut's is $180.  If I go by how long it would take for the membership Spooner would pay off quicker due to the fact their green fees are slightly more expensive than Butternut's and that the membership is cheaper.  Driving distance is pretty much the same for either course.  Spooner is a much higher rated course and has more prestige.  Spooner is rated four stars by Golf Digest whereas Butternut is rated three and a half.  Butternut seems to be much more friendly to letting anyone on the course.  Spooner typically is seen as much more stuck up and has a slight dress code both of which has pushed away my friends from golfing there.  I golfed at Butternut a lot last summer and I can say that it is a good course with barely any annoyances due to less respectful people playing it.  Spooner I have not played at since I was to young to drive a car before I quit golf as a kid so I can not say much about that course other than what people tell.  So here is what I am going to do.  I am finally going to open up comments to see if anyone will actually comment and give me your opinion.  I want you to tell me which golf course you would pick for a membership for me and why.  I am currently leaning towards Spooner.  Let me know what you think!

I was doing more searching around and found a YouTube video about the Spooner Golf Course.  Check it our here to help you decide which one you think is best.


  1. I vote you try the Spooner golf course since you have gone to Butternut a lot last summer. Try something new and tell us what course is better!

  2. I would pick the one you took me and Eric to. That one seems like a good fit for you because they appeared pretty laid back. I've only golfed once but I liked the atmosphere there.