Thursday, December 15, 2011

Golf Tip-Fairway Woods Swing Rhythm |

This video contains something I want to try and see if it helps my swing. The whippy club. I've never even herd of it until now, but it looks like what i would need to get my tempo going. Either way here is a golf tip video for you guys to help with a problem I know I probably have and so do many people the rhythm.
Fairway Woods Swing Rhythm |

Monday, December 12, 2011

You Can Now View This Blog On Kindle!

After some work my blog is now on the Kindle!  I consider this a pretty big accomplishment for myself thanks to you the viewers.  Now you can view this blog on a feed on the regular blogger site, and now Kindle!  What is next?  Who knows, but this is a big step for the blog.  Hopefully I shall have some new updates for you guys soon as the semester is coming to an end and I can go fire up the Golf Channel back in Wisconsin, and look up some golf world news on my laptop.  Anyway here is the link to the Kindle edition of this blog.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

First Time Watching Golf In A Long Time - Chevron World Challenge

So I have been away from golf on T.V. for a while due being busy with school, curling, and watching the Packers.  Today in between watching football I was watching golf.  And somehow to my amazement not only was Tiger leading on a Sunday, but he ended up winning the tournament!  I was saying to myself "I know I haven't seen golf for a few months, but when did Tiger start being good?"  Apparently this tournament is when he started to to be good.  Hopefully I'll have some more golf to watch for you guys soon.  The win for Tiger came down to the last put on the 18th green.  This is the kind of excitement golf needs to remind people that there is suspense in golf and it can go back and forth until the last possible second.  I'll tell you right now this reminded me that I like golf and I should try to pay more attention to it.  This was Tiger's 88th tournament win and although it was not part of the PGA Tour it snapped him out of his over 2 year streak of not winning.  So I'd like to say thanks Tiger for getting me excited for golf and congrats on the long awaited win.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Inexpensive Golf Gift Ideas

1.  BirdieBall

As many of you know I purchased these in the Spring on clearance and love them.  They are durable enough to just justify the price, but if you can find them cheaper then by all means by them.  They are a limited range practice ball that is just plain fun to hit.  I've even convinced some friends to want them now.  Minus the ones my friends lost I still have all my birdie balls and they all still work fine.  Even the one that got run over by a mower!

2.  Tiger Woods: PGA Tour 12

I wanted this game when it first came out, but it was crazy expensive.  It's cheap now and it's not even 2012 yet.  This game has gotten good reviews, and now it is under $30 which is cheap for new video games.  If I had some spare cash lying around I'd snatch this up.

3.  Golf for Dummies DVD
As you guys know I checked out this DVD from the library and I loved it.  Gary McCord is the star in it, and he is funny as he is informative.  In the extras there is a massive golf dictionary that really helps if you have no idea what someone is talking about on the course if you are just starting out. 

4.  Zero Friction Golf Tees
I have not had an opportunity to use these as of yet, but they look pretty neat, which is always good for a gift.  They were the official tee of Remax Long Drive, and are supposed to add 3 yards or something like that.  They would be more durable than the regular tee.  They aren't to expensive so you can't say no to at least giving someone some and having them give them a try.

5.  A Swing Lesson at The Local Golf Place
This is going to be the most expensive gift on the list.  Swing lessons range from $35 to over $100.  I cannot think of anyone that does not need some sort of swing lesson.  Especially after not golfing on a course all Winter.  I know I would love this gift.  Some golfers may be to proud to admit they need a swing lesson or want to go, but getting it as a gift should convince them to go anyway.  They will end up thanking you for it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

King's Walk Golf Course Review

A few months ago a friend and I played some evening golf at King's Walk Golf Course in Grand Forks North Dakota.  Now this was my first time playing a 4 star course so I had some high hopes.  First we got a pretty cheap rate.  First we got twilight rates then on top of it we got student discounts.  It came to around $20 a person.  It seemed pretty reasonable to me and also my friend.  We had to make a reservation which we expected considering it is considered the best course open to the public in town.  The clubhouse was nice but the guy doing reservations gave us a little bit of attitude like we were not welcomed there.  We got to the first tee and one thing I noticed was the course was in amazing shape.  Even better than other course I have been to so far.  We started golfing and I was playing horrible.  I couldn't hit a straight shot with a driver to save my life again!  I need to work on it once I can afford to golf again.  Anyway we were enjoying ourselves putting and such.

There were a lot of members on the course that day with golf carts going at a much faster rate than us.  We let them play though every time.  It usually ended up as us visiting with them anyway due to the fact the course was so busy.  This is where the enjoyment of the course ended though.  After letting two or so groups catch up to us and play through the groups behind us started getting ruder and ruder.  We would still let the faster players play through politely but would not get any thanks or anything like that.  We were in no hurry to finish the course like they were we just wanted to enjoy ourselves.  Again there was a huge clog up on the course so letting people play though did not get them any further in front of us, because we were always waiting behind them at the next hole waiting for the people in front of them to finish.  We got up to play the 8th hold after waiting for the group ahead of us to get out of driving range a visibly drunk guy came screaming up on his golf cart across multiple fairways.  He screamed at us saying "You fuckers are holding everyone up!"  We calmly explained to him and showed him we must wait there are people in front of us.  He then not so kindly expressed to us that we should get off the course anyway since we were not members nor good at golf.  Then drove off.  My friend and I did not enjoy this to much.  A few minutes later that guy and his friend on the cart went blowing buy us just to cut in front of us.  I'm sure he passed quite a few golfers and have no idea which hole he went on.  By this point my friend and I were convinced this was not the place for use.  We finished up the front 9 went into the clubhouse and ate some food.  The food was very good by the way and the price was just a little bit pricey in our opinions.  We were still upset about what had happened to us and decided this course was not for use at all.

We came to the conclusion that the higher priced the courses get the more assholes the course gets.  It seemed like mostly everyone was out having a good time on the cheaper courses and not much would upset them.  King's walk was not like that at all.  Yes there were nice people, but in the end it seemed like those people were few and far between.  I'm still upset when I think how I was treated to this day.  My friend and I both decided never again would we golf at King's Walk.

In conclusion the golf course was in amazing shape and the food in the clubhouse was very good, but I cannot recommend this course due to the attitude of many of the golfers (mostly members) on the course.  People like that can easily ruin a good day of golf, and when your paying more you expect to have more fun.  This is sad, because it is such a beautiful course.

Here are some pictures of the day.  By the way I decided to try out a Zazzle account and put some of the pictures on there in case some one actually wants to buy the pictures I took.  You can view the Zazzles site here.  I don't know how long I will stay with Zazzle though, because they are more frustrating than anything.
Anyway onto the pictures...
The Clubhouse

View of the fountain from the first hole

First Hole fairway

more of the first hole fairway

a nice bridge

Golfer teeing off

Some golfers gettin ready to tee off while we walk back to the clubhouse the course is so pretty I wish people there were nicer

Ducks and what they call a lake

the fountain on the "lake"

View from the clubhouse

Sunset over the clubhouse

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another adventure at the Voyager Village Par 3

I went golfing with my brother and my friend at Voyager Village's par 3 again.  I had lots of fun and so did my brother and my friend.  I purchased and played some Bridgestone E5 Golf Ball (2011 Model)(sorry I can't seem to get the Amazon ad off the side there) balls and some Precept Golf Ev Extra Spin Golf Balls (2011 Model, Pack of 15) balls.  Since I am getting better and more accurate with my iron play these balls actually helped my game.  The e5's felt really good and played better than my bargin bin balls,  They probably fit me the best so far, because they are more forgiving than the Precept balls.  The Precept balls seemed to have a lot more spin than the e5's but both stopped better than my Precept Laddies.  The Precept extra spin balls are made more for seniors, but they are good for anyone with a slow swing speed.  Overall though for me I would take the e5's due to the fact they are a little more forgiving if I have a bad swing yet still let you be more precise with your swings.

Now on to my game.  I did really good this time around with a few pars and only one hole did I do horribly on.  My brother on the other hand did not do so well thanks to his rough night from the night before.  I am really enjoying this par 3 Voyager has.  It is like my happy place for if I get beat up on a traditional 18, that I can just go back to and feel good about myself and my game.  It is also nicer walking, because you don't have to take all your clubs with you.  I didn't get in any sand traps on this round which is something to brag about.  I can also safely say I got the lowest score in the group.  So overally I felt good and did good, but I know if my brother was in real golfing shape he would have probably beat me.

I have been pretty disappointed with my lack of golfing this Summer, but there is not much I can do about it thanks to money issues.  So I apologize for not many blog posts about my golf experiences but sadly there has not been many.  Either way I got to golf a little and some is better than none.  Here's some pictures of golfing at Voyager this time.
The First Hole

The Geese again.  If you hit one do you get a birdie?

My friend and his sand shot.

My brother looking for his lost ball it was a theme for the day.

My brother still recovering from his rough night

Friday, July 15, 2011

Voyager Village Par 3 course

Two days ago I went to Voyager Village with a friend and golfed their par 3.  I love this place and this course.  I was there a lot last summer for a few reasons.  The first one is the price.  It is $10 for the par 3.  The second is it's fun.  With the longest hole being 186 yards every shot you take is going to have some excitement to it.  Voyager Village in itself is quite exciting.  You are driving down some random country roads and out of nowhere a community with a golf course, swimming pool, tennis courts, playground, theater, and airport shows up out of nowhere.  Anyway back to the course.  The par 3 is in really good shape.  Most courses that have a par 3 do not take good care of it, because it is not their main course.  Voyager makes sure the par 3 is just as well kept as their 18 hole course.  The majority of the holes for the par 3 are alongside a lake, so you get an amazing view the whole time you are golfing.
For how I did.  I felt like I did pretty well especially compared to last year.  Since my iron game is my strong point I was getting quite a few greens in regulation.  I even got 3 pars.  My putting suffered though, which should be an easy fix.  I did put the ball in the sand once which I had no trouble getting out of.  The bad thing though was I sent two balls into the lake with bad shots.  With that and my putting my friend and I ended up pretty even after 9 holes.
I would recommend this course to anyone who doesn't golf to much or is golfing with friends who don't golf to much.  Since the course is short and easy it is very fun for anyone to play and gives even bad golfers chances at getting pars and birdies.  Not to mention you can do other things besides golf at Voyager Village.  I think anyone from young to old would enjoy this place.  Here are some pictures.
View from the parking lot.  You can see some aircraft parked out there

The top floor of the clubhouse is a restaurant which I've been told serves good food.

Some people playing horseshoes and an airplane getting ready to take off.

look how close I got to a birdie on the first hole

some geese

the geese again

looking off of the 3rd tee

my friend getting ready to chip.  This hole is completely over water.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Grand Casino Hinkley's amazing golf deal

I just saw on my facebook news feed an amazing deal that involves golf.  The Grand National Golf Club, which is owned by the Grand Casino Hinkley has on every Wednesday in July for $18 you get 18 holes of golf, a gps enabled golf cart, and a bucket of range balls.  This may be the cheapest price I have seen for all those things.  I get done with work at noon today and am considering making the just over 1 hour trip to try it out.  You can not argue with a price like that.  I am still in amazement.  Anyway if you want to make a tee time call them up at 320-384-7427.  If this isn't cheap golf I don't know what is!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Butternut Hills Golf Course: Review, pictures, and my golf including using the mighty 1 iron

Course Review:
Three days ago my brother and I golfed at Butternut Hills Golf Course.  We went for their twilight rate which is $12 for unlimited golf walking after 5 pm.  My brother splurged and also rented a cart which I jumped on.  The course is in amazing shape especially for the price.  When we got on the course it was busy.  Busy enough where we had to start on the back 9 first, but still got be able to play without making a reservation first.  The course seems very short with many par 4's less than 350 yards.  The water hazzards for the course never really are in the way if you can hit the ball straight.  You can tell this course is designed to be more fun for the amature golfer, which is good.  You want to have fun while you golf and this course is one to do it on.  The course is kept up very well.  It is easily on par (no pun intended) with more expensive courses.  The thing that makes this course different than more expensive courses is how laid back it is.  You can tell everyone out there is there to enjoy themselves.  Even the employees encourage you to have fun out there.  The greens seem odd to me though.  Very few of them have any break to them even though it seems that they all should.  This makes the course much easier and more fun to play.  Again a good thing.  The only problem you might find on the course is a few people have way to much of a good time.  They are not much of a problem though and something you should expect paying a price this low.  This is my favorite every day course to play and I suggest it to anyone in the area.  Here are some pictures.
The 10th tee

The clubhouse which has a full bar and food

The 18th green

Some golfers

Every herd of a greenside cemetary?

The par 3 15th hole

Looking off the tee of the 6th hole

looking towards the tee of the 6th hole

The par 3 8th hole

My brother right after teeing off on the second hole

Looking at the second hole from the green

My Golf:
My golf was still not at the level it was last summer, but it is slightly improving. This time I was able to do about as well as my brother, which last time he was beating me at golf like no other.  If I didn't pay attention to my swing I would finish on my back foot and slice a lot.  I still have a slice 70 percent of the time on my fairway metals, but it is improving, and I hope I will be able to fix it.  We golfed until it got dark which ended up being about 26 holes which is quite a workout especially since we were fishing for 3 hours before that.  I made 3 pars and 4 greens in regulation.  I found that very satisfying and showing that I am improving in my longer shots.  There could be another reason why I got those gir's though, and that is coming up next.

The Almighty 1 Iron:
I decided to do something fun and different.  A few months ago now I purchased a Tommy Armour 1 iron on Ebay for only a few bucks.  This purchase happened after I spent countless hours just looking up as much golf information as I could online and came across some stories of the 1 iron.  In case no one knows anyone about the 1 iron just like I did before I did some heavy searching; it is a club that used to be very popular, but died off at the end of the 90's as easier to hit clubs were invented such as the hybrid.  The 1 iron is considered the hardest golf club to hit.  John Daly even have a 0 iron for a while.  There seems to be a very small dedicated group of people who refuse to let the 1 iron go.  They quote reasons such as: "why drive a driver 280 yards in the rough when you can drive 240 in the fairway with the 1 iron," "it is the perfect club if you need a low boring shot that goes far."  I discovered these all to be true for me.  The drive tended to be low straight and boring.  The ball would also roll for a very long ways after hitting the ground.  This surprised me quite a bit.  When the ball would hit short of where I wanted I would get disappointed then watch the ball roll uphill to exactly where I wanted it to go.  Also as I found online the ball tends to go straight.  A lot straighter than with a driver or fairway metal.  The one problem is the club is really really hard to hit.  I've been practicing with it for a while and finally got good enough where I could hit it well 70 percent of the time.  I did not hit my driver the whole time on the course I would just hit the 1 iron and was satisfied with all the shots.  I was able to be much more accurate with my shots and put where I want the second and third shots were much easier.  I know why this club died though.  With it's difficulty to hit compared to other clubs which go the same distance I know why it died.  I wish it didn't though I would love to try out some 1 irons with new technology.  I really think the 1 iron helped my golf game greatly.  I am sure I will be using it a decent amount until I get a new driver and can hit it straight.
My 1 iron and if you look in the distance you will see where I put the ball on the 197 uphill par 3.

Anyway that is my long 3 into one blog post about my day of golfing I hope you enjoyed it.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spooner driving range

I was at the Spooner Golf Course and dangit I couldn't stop slicing.  I was doing horrible finishing making mistakes such as finising with weight on my back foot.  I'm disappointed in myself because of it.  I have a lot I need to work on before I go golfing with my brother tomorrow.  Also my horrible steel driver is finally falling apart.  It lasted decently long.  I guess I will have to maybe start looking for a driver soon.  So far my summer golf has been nothing like I have planned, with bad weather and lack of excess funds has severely frustrated and hampered my summer golfing.  Hopefully I will have more golf stuff for everyone soon.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Short trip to North Dakota

Well I took a short two day trip back to Grand Forks and spent some of my time putting around at Ray Richards Golf Course.  I was slightly surprised.  The greens look to be in much better shape and the course seemed a little more playable, but you could still see some overly soaked parts on the course.  It was still better than before though.  Here's some pictures I took.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Something sort of exciting for me

Something kind of exciting happened to me recently.  My brother who quit golf the same time I did when we were kids has picked up golf again starting last week.  He purchased a beginner set and is practicing a lot.  I wish I knew what set of clubs he purchased.  I haven't seen him play or practice yet, but since my brother is one of the athletic types I'm sure he is doing fine with it.  He was hoping I would come home last week to go golfing with him which excites me more.  I may have someone to go golfing with em over the Summer consistently.  The weather hasn't been good since I've been in Wisconsin so no golfing for me yet.  Hopefully that will change soon and I will have some more things to type about on here.  Until then no new golf news involving me.

But in PGA news it looks like John Daly made the cut this week.  I and I'm sure many other people wish to see John Daly in contention again, and making the cut is a good start.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

King's Walk Golf Course TaylorMade Demo Day

Last week I got to experience another Demo day at King's Walk Golf course.  This time TaylorMade was the company that was there.  It was windy that day with the winds at around 23 miles per hour straight down the driving range helping make all your shots go longer (go figure a windy day in North Dakota).

The first club I tried was the Burner 2.0 6 iron.  The distance seemed O.K. with the ball landing just past the 150 yard flag.  The club did not seem as easy to hit though as the Callaway and Ping clubs I hit.  The TaylorMade iron seemed smaller.  I couldn't compare it side by side with anything but it seemed smaller.  The one thing I really didn't like about the iron is the vibration.  When you hit the ball the vibration was annoying and didn't make it feel like a solid hit.  After hitting about 50 balls or so I really couldn't take the vibration anymore and put the club down and grabbed a Burner 2.0 pitching wedge.
The pitching wedge was not anything to special in my opinion it felt just like the 6 iron.  It was difficult to hit compared to other clubs I hit and had the same annoying vibration when you hit the ball.  Even compared to my cheap Golden Bear clubs the Burner irons were not enjoyable to to hit.  In the defense of the Burner irons though, they are apparently longer than the irons from any other company according to the TaylorMade website.  I cannot vouch for that though due to the wind conditions at the driving range.

The final club I tried out was a 10.5 degree Burner Superfast 2.0 regular flex driver.  Let me tell you this driver is light.  It almost feels like your just holding a graphite shaft.  With this driver being so light you can really whip it around fast.  Distance on the driver is pretty decent.  I was easily blasting the ball over the 250 yard flag especially with the help of the wind.  I can't compare it to the other driver's I hit on distance again thanks to the wind, but the ball went pretty far with this driver.  I had a few issues with the driver though.  The first one was the feel.  Since the driver was so light I really could not feel the club head when I swung.  Like I stated before it just felt like you were swinging the shaft.  Also when you hit the ball with the driver the sound and feel is not that satisfying either.  The ball flies far, but you don't really feel like you killed it.  For a lot of people this doesn't matter as long as the ball goes far, but if i was paying over $300 for just a driver I would like it to feel like it is somewhat worth the money spent every time you hit it.  The final and bit thing for me was the club seemed very inconsistent on where the ball was going.  When I'm not swinging well my ball starts slicing to the left (remember left handed).  When I was hitting this club the balls were going every which way left, right even every once in a while straight.  I hit the irons straight, but not this driver.  I can only assume it is because this driver is not very forgiving compared to the other ones I have hit.  I was pretty disappointed I didn't get to hit the almighty R11 driver.  This is because by the time I got done with the Burner driver the TaylorMade rep was packing stuff up.  Hopefully sometime this summer I will get a chance to try the driver out at another demo day.

In conclusion, I guess don't believe the white driver hype until you try the club out yourself first.  To me it seems like TaylorMade just like every other club company tries to promote distance in their clubs.  In TaylorMade's case though it seems to be at the cost of feel from what I've experienced.  I still like the Razr Hawk driver best and the Ping irons.  These TaylorMade clubs may be for you, but at this moment they are not for me.  With that I will end you with a quality Callaway ad and some pictures I took of the demo day.
The almighty white driver

TaylorMade's demo day setup

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

King's Walk Golf Course Demo Day

Yesterday I got to experience my first ever demo day.  It was at King's Walk Golf Course in Grand Forks North Dakota.  There were 3 manufacturers there.  Titleist, Callaway, and Ping.  Being my first ever demo day I didn't know exactly what to do, but apparently you just grab some clubs and hit away on the range.  The companies also had swing analyzers to fit you to the proper club.  First about the equipment each company had there.  Ping had one set of every club they currently have.  That included clubs for left handers which made me happy.  Callaway had all the clubs they currently have for right handed people, and then for left handed people just the Razr and Diablo line.  This was fine I guess.  Titleist was a little different.  They had a bag full of left and right handed wedges then two bags full of shafts and a padded box full of driver heads.  The rep for Titleist pretty much made a driver just for you and tweeked it to your liking.  They had no left handed heads that I could see.

So after looking around on I went to try out some clubs.  The first club I grabbed was a Ping i15 6 iron.  First thing I noticed was "Holy Cow why doesn't my cheap Golden Bear 6 iron fly this far?"  I also noticed that there was no slice and the ball went nice and straight.  I thought I guess these must be Ping's game improvement line so I will stick with trying them out.  So I put the 6 iron back after about 50 shots with it and picked up and i15 3 wood regular shaft.  The driver was being used by someone else so I couldn't use it.  I started hitting some balls with the 3 wood off the tee and off the ground.  The exact same things kept going through my mind as before.  How are these balls going so straight and how are they going so far.  I was easily hitting and most of the time going over the 200 yard green on the range.  Only one ball out of 50 sliced with the 3 wood.

Next I moved to Callaway.  I grabbed a Razr X 6 iron.  The Razr X felt pretty good.  The ball was flying a little bit further than with the Ping 6 iron I tried, but not as straight as the ball mostly slowly and slightly would go off to the left.  After about 25 shots with the Razr X iron I grabbed a Diablo Edge 6 iron.  I had high hopes for these irons, because these were the irons I was convinced I was going to buy used this summer.  To my saddness I didn't really like these irons to much.  The ball again went further than with the Ping 6 iron I used but it didn't really feel as nice as the other two irons I tried.  It was a tiny big shorter than the Razr X irons, but was still hitting over the 150 yard green on the range which I considered to be far.  I hit about 25 shots with the Diablo Edge Irons.

Then I went to the big boy.  The Callaway Razr Hawk left handed regular flex driver.  With my first shot I suddenly realized the difference between a driver that comes in an under $200 set of clubs and a driver that costs $400 just in itself.  On the first shot I screamed the ball over the 250 yard green.  I couldn't believe it.  I couldn't see the 300 yard green due to the way the slope and hills of the range was set up so I really can't tell how far the ball ended up.  I just could not believe how far I hit the ball.  I was just killing it.  It was about this time I realized my cheap set of clubs was really no match to this new technology.  Hell my driver in my Golden Bear set isn't even titanium!  After killing about 25 balls with the driver I was starting to get a little worn out from hitting so many balls so fast.  the shots slowly started going to the left more and more.  I ended up shooting about 50 balls with the driver.

After that I grabbed a 56 degree left handed wedge from Titleist.  I was hitting that pretty straight, but I was swinging a lot slower than I was with the driver.  Nevertheless I was still landing the balls on and around the 50 yard green.  I was getting pretty worn out by 10 balls in so I stopped hitting the club and watched some other golfers try out the clubs to compare my abilities to theirs.  I found out shots while still inconsistent in my book was more consistent than most of the golfers out there.  There was one kid who was amazing me though.  He was hitting the right handed version of the Razr Hawk driver almost 400 yards with a fade.  So I watched him for a while in amazement, but after about 10 shots all his shots were hooking out of the range.  So there went his edge on distance I guess.  After that I grabbed the Razr Hawk driver again and tried to hit a few more balls, but my muscles were a little worn by then and after 10 balls that all faded to the left I stopped and decided to go home.

On my walk back to the car I was just amazed in how amazing I did compared to how I normally do on that range with my clubs.  I though "are these clubs really that superior to improve my game that much?"  I concluded that it must be but for the price of those brand new clubs it was not worth it especially since I was only out golfing for fun and exercise.  It made me and still makes me want those clubs bad though.  Especially that Razr Hawk driver.  When I got back to my apartment I started doing a little research on the Ping clubs I hit, because I really knew nothing about them.  To my surprise the i series of clubs is designed for low handicap players that like to shape their shots.  Well thanks to that I'm confused now because I was actually hitting those clubs pretty straight.  So now I have no idea if my swing needs improvement or not.  That is something I guess I can try to figure out over the summer.

Now for my demo day awards:

Best Iron:  Ping.  This is because hitting these irons felt the best and they went the straightest for me.  Runner up is the Callaway Razr X irons, because of how long they went.

Best Wood:  Without a doubt this has to be the Callaway Razr Hawk driver.  I really wish I would have gotten the chance to hit the Callaway Diablo Edge driver and the Ping Driver, but there was no left handed Diablo Edge driver there and the Ping driver was being constantly used so I never got the chance.  Either way I was still killing it with that club and it felt amazing.  The Ping 3 wood was nice and straight but I have no other 3 wood to compare it to other than my Golden Bear one which is no comparison.

Company with the best looking clubs:  Callaway, because every club in their lineup looks mean and manly.

I can't really say Titleist was the best wedge, because it was the only wedge I hit and I was a little worn out at the time.

In the end I can say I really had a blast.  Demo day gives you the ability to use the driving range for free, get fit for clubs if you want, and play the top dollar clubs without actually having to buy them.  I suggest it to anyone who is looking to have fun for free.  Below are a few pictures I took

Callaway's setup

Some golfers trying out different clubs

Ping's setup which had the most clubs

Saturday, May 7, 2011

How to save money on golf this Spring

Here are my top 5 tips to save money on golf this Spring.

1.  Don't buy expensive balls if your not a scratch golfer especially if your out only playing for fun.
Yes it is fun to brag that you are shooting an expensive Pro V1, but for most golfers the ball does more hurt than help.  Most of us can not draw or fade the ball on purpose, so why would need a ball with the control to do so.  Also if your out only playing for fun why would you want to make the game become more expensive than it needs to be.  For example it is almost 4 dollars per ball lost if the ball was a Pro V1(over $5 per ball if you buy them on amazon).  Could you imagine how expensive that could get on one of your bad days?

2.  Don't rent a cart
I use golf as a form of exercise and what better way than carry your own clubs.  If you are physically able of taking your clubs with you why not do it.  Rental carts are expensive and for people my age a unnecessary cost.  I promise you it is great exercise to walk the course.

3. Don't buy that new driver.
This kind of goes along with the golf balls.  Most people in golf want the newest, the best, and the most expensive to brag about it.  Sometimes though the newest and best does not help out your game.  Do you really need a new $300 driver every year because it is the new hot item.  Most people like to pay the extra money for the tour version of the driver, but a lot of tour pros don't even use the tour versions of the driver.  If your driver is working fine for you and still in good shape wait for a year before you get a new or used in my case look for a cheap used driver of last years model.  This goes along with other clubs as well.

4.  Look for the deals in the local coupon books.
I know in the local coupon books here give coupons such as $5 off some courses or so much off a membership.  Look through these and see what you can find.  You might be surprised at what you find.

5.  Make use of the twilight rates.
I make use of twilight rates all the time to be able to golf on courses that are way to expensive for me to normally go to.  Also during those times the course is usually much less busy.  Also you usually get to see a sunset over the golf course.  All these things combined make for some very relaxing golf, and some great money savings.