Friday, November 18, 2011

Inexpensive Golf Gift Ideas

1.  BirdieBall

As many of you know I purchased these in the Spring on clearance and love them.  They are durable enough to just justify the price, but if you can find them cheaper then by all means by them.  They are a limited range practice ball that is just plain fun to hit.  I've even convinced some friends to want them now.  Minus the ones my friends lost I still have all my birdie balls and they all still work fine.  Even the one that got run over by a mower!

2.  Tiger Woods: PGA Tour 12

I wanted this game when it first came out, but it was crazy expensive.  It's cheap now and it's not even 2012 yet.  This game has gotten good reviews, and now it is under $30 which is cheap for new video games.  If I had some spare cash lying around I'd snatch this up.

3.  Golf for Dummies DVD
As you guys know I checked out this DVD from the library and I loved it.  Gary McCord is the star in it, and he is funny as he is informative.  In the extras there is a massive golf dictionary that really helps if you have no idea what someone is talking about on the course if you are just starting out. 

4.  Zero Friction Golf Tees
I have not had an opportunity to use these as of yet, but they look pretty neat, which is always good for a gift.  They were the official tee of Remax Long Drive, and are supposed to add 3 yards or something like that.  They would be more durable than the regular tee.  They aren't to expensive so you can't say no to at least giving someone some and having them give them a try.

5.  A Swing Lesson at The Local Golf Place
This is going to be the most expensive gift on the list.  Swing lessons range from $35 to over $100.  I cannot think of anyone that does not need some sort of swing lesson.  Especially after not golfing on a course all Winter.  I know I would love this gift.  Some golfers may be to proud to admit they need a swing lesson or want to go, but getting it as a gift should convince them to go anyway.  They will end up thanking you for it.

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