My Current Golf Equipment

Bag and Clubs: Golden Bear cheap starter set
Glove: FootJoy
Ball: Precept Laddie
Shoes: Puma

Golf Courses I would like to try out:
Big Fish Golf Club Hayward Wisconsin: This is a Pete Dye designed course that is near where I am during the summertime, and it's probably one of the few affordable Pete Dye courses
Teal Wing Golf Club Hayward Wisconsin:  This course is number 48 on Golf Digest's list of Americas 50 Toughest Golf Courses
King's Walk Golf Course Grand Forks North Dakota:  Golf Digest rates this as a 4 star course, and I would like to see what constitutes a four star course

Golf courses I have golfed at:
Butternut Hills Golf Sarona Wisconsin:  This is the course closest to where I am over the summer.  It is a really good course for the price especially after 5 P.M. which is $11 for unlimited walking till it's to dark to golf.

Voyager Village Danbury Wisconsin:  This is a retirement/resort area.  They have two different golf courses a 9 hole par 3 course and a regular 18 hole course.  When I golf with friends we usually golf their par 3 course which is great for people not so good at golf.  I really like Voyager Village it is unique, if you go there you will see why.  Prices for the par 3 course are a good deal.

Yellow Lake Golf Course Danbury Wisconsin:  This is a very unique and rare golf course.  It has sand greens!  The course isn't in to good of a shape compared to regular golf courses, but these types of courses are meant to be more minimalist courses.  Built in 1923 this is a course you want to try once just because of how unique it is.  The price seems a little steep for what you paying for.  I paid $9.25 if I remember correctly which to me seems a little much for the shape the course was in, but it was still a unique experience which I'm sure I will try again with some friends.

Ray Richards Golf Course Grand Forks North Dakota:  This course is an example of you get what you pay for.  It is the cheapest course in Grand Forks for a UND student at $11 for 9 holes, but is filled with issues.  The course is in bad shape.  It has major drainage issues with places from so wet there is standing water to so dry the ball will bounce and roll forever especially on the greens.  I am told towards the end of the summer is when the course is in great shape, but I cannot vouch for this.  Since it is the cheapest course in Grand Forks I will probably still play it again.

Favorite Golfers (current):
Phil Mickelson
John Daly
Rickie Fowler
and of course Tiger Woods

Christina Kim
Michelle Wie