Friday, July 15, 2011

Voyager Village Par 3 course

Two days ago I went to Voyager Village with a friend and golfed their par 3.  I love this place and this course.  I was there a lot last summer for a few reasons.  The first one is the price.  It is $10 for the par 3.  The second is it's fun.  With the longest hole being 186 yards every shot you take is going to have some excitement to it.  Voyager Village in itself is quite exciting.  You are driving down some random country roads and out of nowhere a community with a golf course, swimming pool, tennis courts, playground, theater, and airport shows up out of nowhere.  Anyway back to the course.  The par 3 is in really good shape.  Most courses that have a par 3 do not take good care of it, because it is not their main course.  Voyager makes sure the par 3 is just as well kept as their 18 hole course.  The majority of the holes for the par 3 are alongside a lake, so you get an amazing view the whole time you are golfing.
For how I did.  I felt like I did pretty well especially compared to last year.  Since my iron game is my strong point I was getting quite a few greens in regulation.  I even got 3 pars.  My putting suffered though, which should be an easy fix.  I did put the ball in the sand once which I had no trouble getting out of.  The bad thing though was I sent two balls into the lake with bad shots.  With that and my putting my friend and I ended up pretty even after 9 holes.
I would recommend this course to anyone who doesn't golf to much or is golfing with friends who don't golf to much.  Since the course is short and easy it is very fun for anyone to play and gives even bad golfers chances at getting pars and birdies.  Not to mention you can do other things besides golf at Voyager Village.  I think anyone from young to old would enjoy this place.  Here are some pictures.
View from the parking lot.  You can see some aircraft parked out there

The top floor of the clubhouse is a restaurant which I've been told serves good food.

Some people playing horseshoes and an airplane getting ready to take off.

look how close I got to a birdie on the first hole

some geese

the geese again

looking off of the 3rd tee

my friend getting ready to chip.  This hole is completely over water.

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