Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another adventure at the Voyager Village Par 3

I went golfing with my brother and my friend at Voyager Village's par 3 again.  I had lots of fun and so did my brother and my friend.  I purchased and played some Bridgestone E5 Golf Ball (2011 Model)(sorry I can't seem to get the Amazon ad off the side there) balls and some Precept Golf Ev Extra Spin Golf Balls (2011 Model, Pack of 15) balls.  Since I am getting better and more accurate with my iron play these balls actually helped my game.  The e5's felt really good and played better than my bargin bin balls,  They probably fit me the best so far, because they are more forgiving than the Precept balls.  The Precept balls seemed to have a lot more spin than the e5's but both stopped better than my Precept Laddies.  The Precept extra spin balls are made more for seniors, but they are good for anyone with a slow swing speed.  Overall though for me I would take the e5's due to the fact they are a little more forgiving if I have a bad swing yet still let you be more precise with your swings.

Now on to my game.  I did really good this time around with a few pars and only one hole did I do horribly on.  My brother on the other hand did not do so well thanks to his rough night from the night before.  I am really enjoying this par 3 Voyager has.  It is like my happy place for if I get beat up on a traditional 18, that I can just go back to and feel good about myself and my game.  It is also nicer walking, because you don't have to take all your clubs with you.  I didn't get in any sand traps on this round which is something to brag about.  I can also safely say I got the lowest score in the group.  So overally I felt good and did good, but I know if my brother was in real golfing shape he would have probably beat me.

I have been pretty disappointed with my lack of golfing this Summer, but there is not much I can do about it thanks to money issues.  So I apologize for not many blog posts about my golf experiences but sadly there has not been many.  Either way I got to golf a little and some is better than none.  Here's some pictures of golfing at Voyager this time.
The First Hole

The Geese again.  If you hit one do you get a birdie?

My friend and his sand shot.

My brother looking for his lost ball it was a theme for the day.

My brother still recovering from his rough night

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