Friday, June 10, 2011

Something sort of exciting for me

Something kind of exciting happened to me recently.  My brother who quit golf the same time I did when we were kids has picked up golf again starting last week.  He purchased a beginner set and is practicing a lot.  I wish I knew what set of clubs he purchased.  I haven't seen him play or practice yet, but since my brother is one of the athletic types I'm sure he is doing fine with it.  He was hoping I would come home last week to go golfing with him which excites me more.  I may have someone to go golfing with em over the Summer consistently.  The weather hasn't been good since I've been in Wisconsin so no golfing for me yet.  Hopefully that will change soon and I will have some more things to type about on here.  Until then no new golf news involving me.

But in PGA news it looks like John Daly made the cut this week.  I and I'm sure many other people wish to see John Daly in contention again, and making the cut is a good start.

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