Saturday, May 7, 2011

How to save money on golf this Spring

Here are my top 5 tips to save money on golf this Spring.

1.  Don't buy expensive balls if your not a scratch golfer especially if your out only playing for fun.
Yes it is fun to brag that you are shooting an expensive Pro V1, but for most golfers the ball does more hurt than help.  Most of us can not draw or fade the ball on purpose, so why would need a ball with the control to do so.  Also if your out only playing for fun why would you want to make the game become more expensive than it needs to be.  For example it is almost 4 dollars per ball lost if the ball was a Pro V1(over $5 per ball if you buy them on amazon).  Could you imagine how expensive that could get on one of your bad days?

2.  Don't rent a cart
I use golf as a form of exercise and what better way than carry your own clubs.  If you are physically able of taking your clubs with you why not do it.  Rental carts are expensive and for people my age a unnecessary cost.  I promise you it is great exercise to walk the course.

3. Don't buy that new driver.
This kind of goes along with the golf balls.  Most people in golf want the newest, the best, and the most expensive to brag about it.  Sometimes though the newest and best does not help out your game.  Do you really need a new $300 driver every year because it is the new hot item.  Most people like to pay the extra money for the tour version of the driver, but a lot of tour pros don't even use the tour versions of the driver.  If your driver is working fine for you and still in good shape wait for a year before you get a new or used in my case look for a cheap used driver of last years model.  This goes along with other clubs as well.

4.  Look for the deals in the local coupon books.
I know in the local coupon books here give coupons such as $5 off some courses or so much off a membership.  Look through these and see what you can find.  You might be surprised at what you find.

5.  Make use of the twilight rates.
I make use of twilight rates all the time to be able to golf on courses that are way to expensive for me to normally go to.  Also during those times the course is usually much less busy.  Also you usually get to see a sunset over the golf course.  All these things combined make for some very relaxing golf, and some great money savings.

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