Saturday, March 5, 2011

Product Review: David Leadetter's Golf Instruction Series I

David Leadbetter's Golf Collection Series - 2 DVD SET (Vol.1)

The same time I checked out Golf for Dummies I also checked out this DVD.  The library had tons of these from volume one to volume five I believe.  I figured that since the library had tons of them this would be a very good DVD.  In my experience it was not though.  The DVD layout is David has a golfer with common problems where he diagnoses those problems then fixes them.  First off the DVD is old in fact I am sure this series was made before DVD's were invented.  Since it is dated that makes it already hard to enjoy while your watching it knowing that teaching styles change over the years.  Second this DVD is dry, boring, and very drawn out.  The DVD went along way to slow for my tastes.  I watched about half an hour and really did not get anywhere in the learning process, got bored with it, and turned it off.  I can't really give to full of a review just because I didn't not even watch half of the two disk DVD set.  From what I watched though the DVD wasn't anything to write home about.  This DVD must be popular to some, because of how many volumes of it were made, but it wasn't anything special to me.  I wouldn't suggest it to anyone with tastes like mine that is for sure.  I suggest you go watch the Golf for Dummies DVD I reviewed earlier.  I did get a good laugh out of David Leadbetter's accent and how high he wore his pants.

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