Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Grand Forks indoor golf tournament

I herd on the radio yesterday that this coming weeend there is going o be a first even indoor golf tounament in Grand Forks.  I don't know a bunch of the details, but you go from bar to bar doing some sort of golf.  You can register at any of the bars that are doing it.  From what I have herdsome of the participating bars are Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse, Rumors, and Whitey's, but I believe there are more bars.  It is $25 to register your team and I do not know what number of people you need for a team though.  Either way if anyone reading this from the Grand Forks area that is going to go I wouldn't mind knowning more about it, and if you are going to do it let me know how it is.  Also the first place prize is a trip to Vegas and cash.  So if you ot some friends go to one of the bars and register.

Update:  I apologize the indoor golf tournament is on February 4th.  Sorry about that everyone someone just informed me of this.

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