Sunday, February 13, 2011


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Well I got to watch part of the Pro-Am today, and it was pretty interesting.  D. A. Points came away with a pretty stress free first tournament win due to Steve Marino choked away his chance of winning which is sad but happens and I'm sure he'll spend quite some time working on keeping his composure.  Pebble Beach looked beautiful as always and remains one of my favorite courses to watch on T.V.  The main highlight for me of watching the Pro-Am was Bill Murray.  He played some really good golf for a guy his age and was entertaining to watch the whole time.  I think I might need to go watch Caddyshack now to finish off the day.
Reminder to all the guys out there:  Valentines Day is tomorrow go get your special lady a gift!
P.S.  I also wondered what D. A. stood for.

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