Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where I Would Love to Have my Birthday at!

So I was surfing around at golf stuff on the internet looking for golf tournaments in my general home area (more on that later) and I found a place where I would love to have my birthday party.  I know I'm a little old to be having birthday parties but this place just looks plain sweet.  It's called Inside Edge Golf in Eden Prairie Minnesota.  This place looks just plain sweet.  They have tons of indoor golf simulators and an indoor putting green with a bunker!  If you live in the Twin Cities this should be your winter golf place.  The prices seem O.K. for both the putting green and simulators.  The simulator prices are per the hour not per person so grab some friends and the price is fair.  You can play all the famous courses you would never get to play in real life due to exclusivity and of course price on the simulator.  I really wish I lived closer to the Twin Cities over the summer or during the school year, because this place has me excited.  So yeah if you live or travel to the Twin Cities area check this place out.  I hope I get a chance to see it soon.

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