Friday, June 22, 2012

Golfing 18 at Butternut Hills

Yesterday since I had some spare cash and time I decided to golf 18 at Butternut Hills Golf Course in Sarona Wisconsin.  My mom decided to come with and pay for the cart so I didn't have to walk this time which was enjoyable.  I didn't warm up so I did even worse than normal on the first few holes.  My slice was horrible for almost the whole first half of the course, but after that I took care of it and only had a few wayward shots, which was pretty satisfying.  I golfed real good between the 8th and 14th holes.  I almost got a hole in one on the 8th (picture below) and got a few pars and a birdie on the 14th.  I was hitting my shots real well on those holes and got gir almost every time.  I would ruin it with my putting though.  After the 14th I could tell I was getting tired from not golfing much and my shots became real inconsistent.  Also I did all this without my pitching wedge which magically disappeared somewhere between the last time I golfed and now.  Anyway I had fun and hope to get some more golfing in soon.  Here are some pictures.

My almost hole in one on the 8th

The clubhouse from the 8th green

Again my almost hole in one on the 8th

Snapping turtle on the 18th fairway

Snapping turtle on the 18th fairway

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