Monday, June 4, 2012

Neillsville Country Club Review

Yesterday, I was finally able to golf for my first time this Summer.  I went with my dad, who is not doing well with cancer and my half brother.  We golfed at my Dad's home course, the Neillsville Country Club.  The course was founded in 1935 and is a 9 hole course.  It's layout is quite interesting though, because due to there being multiple tee boxes in different areas each one has a different look at the hole.  The course prices are about a whole 2 dollars more than I expected for how the course is.  Nine holes on the weekday is $14 and on the weekend it is $16.  The grass seems like it is a natural grass, unlike sod at the more expensive courses, and there is a lot of clover and other things on the course.  This seems extremely easy to play.  All of the holes are straight shots except for a very slight dogleg on the 9th.  You don't have much to deal with in the way of obstacles, except some sand traps and a few out of bounds areas.  The course is extremely hilly with lots of holes where you can not see the green from the tee box.  This doesn't really cause many problems though due to the completely straight holes.  If you overshot the green on a few of the holes you would be given a challenge of trying to chip up a what I might call a ridge.  You can see my half brother with that issue in one of the pictures below.  What is extremely difficult though is putting.  As I said before the course is really really hilly including on the greens.  Four and five foot puts that look like sure things are not in any way shape or form, and I found putting my only real frustration on the course.  It was a frustration though.  This course would be so simple it would be a joke if it wasn't for the difficult greens.  Overall I enjoyed the course and playing it was for the most part satisfying.

I played very well thanks, to my father who is what I would call a golf expert giving me tips on how to fix me swing and what club to use and so on.  It was amazing!  Usually I spend all 18 holes trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong and get super frustrated and want to give up golf.  My dad would tell me how and get my issue fixed by the next swing.  It really was a happy moment for me.  I can not described how much I enjoyed my dad helping me golf.  Anyway back to how I golfed.  I had only a few difficult shots on the course usually involving being behind a tree due to a bad drive, but the shot I had on the 18th was ridic.  I will have pictures of it below.  I was basically in the bunker, extremely close to a railroad tie where my swing would hit it.  I believe if I can remember what my dad taught me I would enjoy golfing for the rest of the summer and I believe I'm going to be golfing a little more now that my frustration is gone.  As long as it doesn't come back expect a lot more blog posts.

By the way congrats to Tiger for winning yesterday.  He was 4 strokes down and had the flu coming into Sunday and ended up winning by 2 strokes.  His shot on 16 was nothing short of a top 10 moment and I say congrats for being one scary mofo on the golf course agian.

Here are some pictures I took of my golf outing.

My half brother on a green

My half brother being punished for overshooting the green.

The clubhouse from the 9th hole green area

The 9th hole green as you can see it's not easy

My basically impossible shot on the 9th hole the top of the screen is the green area where i had to try to shoot to.

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