Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's Summer break once again!

Well I am back in Wisconsin for the Summer once again.  I have only been back a day, but since I got done with work early and had nothing else to do I got some practicing in.  I was using birdie balls which I only have 3 left.  I need to save up and get some more.  I don't know where the other ones went, but I still love using these things.  Anyway I did quite well during practice with only my first two swings giving me that horrible slice I couldn't get rid of last year.  I spent a lot of time on making my swing right and not swinging fast.  I was hitting the birdie balls really well and was even getting a nice draw out of a few of the shots.  This is really good to me, because the furthest away I can get from that slice and my horrible habit of it the better.  I still have a lot more practicing to do before I can get that out of my system I'm sure, but I'm off to a good start.  My brother is coming home almost every week to golf at Butternut Hills Golf Course, and is spending a lot of time harassing me to pay for a membership.  I am considering it, but I don't know how much excess funds I will have to dedicate to golf this summer.  I know if I start golfing again I will need a new used driver as mine is literally falling apart along with a hybrid and some fairway woods.  I don't like spending that much money on anything being a poor college student so we will see how the Summer golf goes.  Anyway here are some pictures of me practicing today with my dog Pogo.

Pogo sniffing for something to chase

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