Saturday, February 11, 2012

ATT Pro Am Saturday

So since I have no money, or homework, or anything else I have to do I actually have a chance to watch the Pro Am today.  I enjoyed it.  Bull Murray was there and comical as always.  He was dressed up in full camo.  Tiger was there and was doing well I believe he ended that day in third.  This is probably a good thing for golf and will give pro golf more viewers now that Tiger is out of his phunk.  What I really enjoyed about it though was Aaron Rodgers was golfing.  Being a die hard Packer fan not knowing that he was one of the celebs in the Pro Am was at minimum a sin.  Aaron didn't play to well, but I don't think he is to much of a golfer.  I am excited to see a few things tomorrow.  One Aaron Rodgers of course, two see what fun stuff Bill Murray does, and three to see if Tiger will pull a come from behind victory.  I only caught the last hour of play so I don't have to much else to tell you yet, but hopefully I will have some more to say tomorrow.

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