Sunday, February 19, 2012

Holy exciting end to the Northern Trust Open!

I just got done watching the North Trust Open and wow was that an exciting end to the tournament.  Bill Hass ended his 18 with only a one shot lead over Phil Mickelson and Keegan Bradley.  The end of regulation ended with Phil making a put with only a 9% make rate for a birdie and Keegan (who was golfing with Phil) made his put for birdie as well which sent it into a playoff.  The group of 3 started on the 18th again with both Hass and Bradley just crushing some drives way further than Phil's  Phil and Keegan both had good second shots within birdie range and Hass came up short of the green with his second.  Hass chipped his third shot within a few feet of the hole.  Phil put his third as well within a few feet of the hole.  Leaving Keegan Bradley with a put to win the tournament.  He missed the shot left by only about a foot.  At this time everyone has close shots for their par.   Haas made his par, Phil made his, and Bradley makes his as well they move onto the next playoff hole.

Onto hole number 10.  Phil tees off first and hooks his ball into the rough with a very difficult shot.  Bradley puts his shot into the bunker by the green and Hass puts his shot into the rough behind the green.  Haas shoots his second about 40 feet away with a layup.  Phil hits the green right by the flag but the ball rolls into the other bunker.  Keegen's second shot out of the bunker lands by the flag and rolls off into the fringe giving him an ever slow slight advantage over the other players.  Hass puts his long put right into the hole for par giving phil an almost impossible shot to tie it.  Phil's shot out of the sand is short so he's out.  It's Bradley's turn to see if the playoff will go to another hole.  Bradley misses his put making Bill Hass the winner of the tournament.

This was about as exciting as golf could get.  A two player come behind to put it into a 3 player golf.  Phil doing what he tends to do and get himself out of sticky situations.  Wow that was exciting!  I'm still excited about it!  I'm just out of words to say about this amazement just go watch replays wow!

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