Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays and the Remax Long Drive Championship

First of all Happy Holidays everyone and I hope you got all the gifts you wished for.

Now, on to the Remax Long Drive.  In case you guys missed it today it is on ESPN Tomorrow at 1:30 Central time.  I think it is a must watch because of the amazing story in it this year.  There is a 16 year old kid in it.  His name is Domenic Mazza.  This kid is crazy good in long drive.  Here is a video of some of his drives, but I won't give away how well he does except saying that this year's Long Drive has a great story to it.

There were two things almost all the long driver's were using mostly because of sponsorship, but this doesn't mean they may not be good products.  The first one is Slazenger Raw Distance Golf Balls, which from what I understand can only be found at Dick's Sporting Goods.  It only has 14 reviews so far, and most of them are good.  The ball does seem to be a more for the average golfer, and seems to be priced to be in that category. This summer I am going to order some though and try them out.  There is one reason because of this.  That is because if any of you are James Bond fans, Slazenger is the golf ball he uses so I want it to be a decent ball badly just because of how much of a James Bond fan I am.  Slazenger doesn't really sell much in the United States though except some apparel from what I can find.  If you do search Slazenger on Dick's Sporting Good's website it claims they have a set of men's clubs but when you click on them it says 0 items so maybe they will have the set on there someday.  I think having everyone use a single ball for the Long Drive is a good idea to help negate the difference in golf balls and make the tournament pointed more towards the person not their equipment.

Many players were using Krank Drivers.  I know from looking around online a lot of long driver's consider them or Geek Golf Drivers.  These of course are way out of my price range and aren't recommended by many who play golf to play the game and not just long drive, but it would be fun to try them out once.  I don't know how many players were sponsored by these companies though.

The third and final thing almost ever long driver used were Zero Friction Tees.  I choose to show the Fighting Sioux ones to help represent my school haha.  Anyway these tees seem to not have many reviews on them and are a little pricey for golf tees, and I think I might purchase some as well to try out for the Summer.  There aren't many reviews to base the purchase on so who knows if they are good or bad yet.

Anyway again to everyone Happy Holidays and don't forget to watch the Remax Long Drive Championship tomorrow.

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