Friday, December 31, 2010

My New Year's Resolution

Well it's New Year's Eve and time for me to post my New Year's resolutions.  The first one is to be in at least one golf tournament over the summer.  I have a few I have picked out depending on how good I get over the summer, how much money I have, and where I am over the summer.  The resolution is to enter at least one golf tournament over the summer.  My first and probably hardest to achieve new years resolution is to enter a WSGA golf tournament.  The most likely one being a qualifier tournament in Eau Claire for the end of year WSGA tournament.  The second choice is to do one easier to get into and probably much cheaper in the end Twin Cities Golf Tour tournament.  This tournament doesn't need you to have a USGA handicap and really has almost no requirements to enter.  If I'm in North Dakota over the summer I will have to hope the NDGA has a tournament or two in the Grand Forks area.

I also have one more slightly odd New Years resolution, and that is to golf in a kilt.  Kind of a way to go back to how golf started.  I have a Sport Kilt and rarely wear it because none of my friends really approve of it and refuse to hang out with me if I am wearing it.  I hope to find a few more excuses or people not being so critical of it over the summer, and I believe golfing in it at least once would be a good excuse to wear it.  Especially on those 90 degree days.  I also encourage other men to have this be their new years resolution too.  Remember the movie Braveheart?  Remember how manly that was?  Yeah go ahead try out a kilt.  Why should men be stuck to pants and shorts when there is a more comfortable man garment out there?  Anyway, before this becomes me standing on a soapbox (which I'm sure will come many times later) I'm going to get back on track of the main point of this blog post.
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In conclusion these are my two new years resolutions.  I hope you enjoy them and find them interesting, and don't forget to make up some golfing related New Year's resolutions of your own.

Update:  One of my New Year's resolutions made it onto go check it out everyone!!!  I'm actually the first one on the list at #9

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