Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter time golf for me

So I've spent most of my spare time up here in North Dakota playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 for GameCube off my girlfriend's Wii.  It's actually a pretty good game for it's age.  I enjoy it and have spent way to many hours playing it.  Of course I can't say much for it compared to new games especially of the golf variety.  Either way I've enjoyed making my own player and bringing his stats up.  I suggest anyone who can find it for a super cheap deal to pick it up if their on the poor side and want to play some what I would like to call couch golf.  Anyway, this game is making me want to go golfing bad.  Of course it's winter so I can't.  I keep finding myself going into the local golf store and wandering around for a few minutes then leaving just to attempt get my golf fix.  I'm spending hours a day looking on websites like Golf Digest for reviews on things such as clubs and courses.
This brings me to suggest to you guys what to do during the winter time to keep you from chomping at the bit for golfing in the summer.  I suggest you find a place with an indoor driving range or one of those indoor golf simulators.  I do not have much knowledge of either of these, but I do know where some are in my area.  The Golf Center in Grand Forks, ND has an indoor golf simulator, but I do not know anything about the price of using it or what it offers.  In the golf store though they have signs up for a doubles indoor golf league at if I remember right $40 per team.  Also in town at the Play it Again Sports they have a few driving nets you can rent out for use hourly although I am unsure of the price of them.  My plan is when I get my clubs from home up here after the winter break see if I can use the indoor driving nets and mat that the university golf team has. I assume it can be used by university students as well when not in use by the team.  That is my cheap idea for me on how to keep up the golfing during the cold times.
Here's something everyone can do though to help their golf obsession.  Get out your putter a cup and a ball and just putt around literally.  If you have shorter carpeting like I have it works pretty decently.  This although not like a green at least keeps your putting motion and accuracy in check.  If you want to spend a little money and upgrade you can get a putting mat although I doubt I will get myself one of those unless I get it as a gift. One like this one seems decently priced Wilson Golf Auto Put.  Those are the cheap things I have so far on winter indoor golf.

On a note to anyone reading this I'm debating to post reviews and experiences of golfing for me last Summer or not.  Let me know if you think I should in the comments.

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