Sunday, January 30, 2011

Good Ending to Farmers Insurance Open

Well the ending to the Farmers Insurance Open was a pretty exciting one.  With two lefty's slugging it out for first place.  In the end it came down to see if Phil, the master of the wedge could make an amazing wedge shot, but sadly he did not, but came extremely close.  So Bubba Watson won it.  I was rooting for Phil but hey Bubba is a lefty too so I see no harm in him winning haha.  I wish Daly would have done better, but you don't expect him to do much except have the longest drive of every tournament he is in.  I wish he would win some time though which I've explained in other blog posts.  Either way it was a very exciting end to the tournament which kept me glued to my T.V.  We need more endings like this to increase interest and T.V. ratings for golf.  I know my girlfriend even stayed interested for this one so that is a good thing.  So if this is how exciting the season is starting I'm excited to watch the rest of it.

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