Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Things I've noticed in the golf area of sporting goods stores

So recently I have gone to a few sporting goods stores while I have been home over my break from school.  The two stores I have checked out are Dunham's in Rice Lake Wisconsin, and Scheel's in Eau Claire Wisconsin.  What I have noticed is they still have tons of Taylormade Burner Driver's they both have on sale for $149 which they both have had on sale since the end of the Summer.  So if anyone here prefer's a Burner and hasn't gotten one yet look like everyone is trying to get rid of them.  My business senses are telling me almost everyone that wants one already has one so they are just trying to get everyone else to buy it.  Most golfers I know have one and it seems to be the most popular selling driver out there.  One thing I've noticed both stores are getting a lot more of are the Diablo driver's.  They are priced at $199 at both stores so currently they are more expensive than the Burner's.  It seems though now that Golf Digest has voted Callaway's driver as the best driver of 2010 it  is becoming the new popular driver pushing the Burner out of the way.

I have also noticed that there are alot of Odyssey putters out there for sale, and most of them are on sale for around $120.  I don't know if I could ever justify buying a putter that is that expensive even on sale unless I have a large golfing budget, or I'm winning golf tournaments.  I may see if I can try one out next time I go to the Grand Forks golf store and see if the putters are worth the price.  I doubt I would consider them worth the price, but I want to see why they are so popular.

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