Thursday, January 6, 2011

Things I found of interest at the Tournament of Champions: Day Before Tournament Starts

First off the night before the tournament started I watched Alice Cooper play a par 3 hole of golf.  That was pretty interesting.  Alice plays some good golf, but he sure looks weird doing it.  I can't say to much though because I probably look weird playing golf as well.  The event I watched with Alice Cooper in it was something the golf channel set up and had some other interesting things in it.  I caught it halfway through, but it seemed to be an alternating shot team tournament of all the par 3 holes at Kapalua.  Anthony Kim picked out his playing partner for one hole from the crowd who was quite full of himself but ended up playing decently well for the one hole he played.  Watch now he is getting offers to be sponsored haha.  Also the pro's got teamed up with some of the Golf Channel Staff who proved they played pretty well and were deserving to be staff for the Golf Channel.

Also there was a long drive for charity on the last hole of Kapalua where the final ended up being Bubba Watson vs Jamie Sadlowski who is a professional long driver and of course Sadlowski won by a large margin, and then hit Bubba's left handed driver at the end just for show.  So far it seems like the mood at Kapalua is very fun and laid back.  Now I just have to wait for the tournament to start today.

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