Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tournament of Champions: Saturday

It looks like the greens are pretty evil like the video game suggested with many players having the ball just roll way far away from the hole if they misread the green due to the slope.  On Friday Jason Day ended up looking like me off the tee and sending the ball right into the ground but it still ended up traveling 106 yards and he still ended up getting par for the whole and a bogey free round score of 66 which is just crazy.  Robert Garrigus is the leader on Friday shooting a 63.  There was another wonderful (o.k. not so much) issue with the odd rules of golf again with Camilo Villegas getting disqualified for moving some grass with his club as the ball was rolling back down to where he was do to the wonderful slopes of Kapalua.  It actually happened because of a guy watching the tournament on T.V. saw it and decided to twitter it to the PGA.  So this adds another log to the fire of anger towards how the rules and way they are enforced laid out.  The Golf Channel story about it is here.  You can watch it here.  The scoreboard is pretty close so far with plenty of people still in contention.  Today's round just came up on T.V. so time to go watch that.

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