Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter golf according to the PGA

I just read an article about Golfing in the winter in the snow from the PGA.  They talk about what to wear and how to deal with the cold which is common sense to most people in the midwest, but I understand there are a lot of golfers not from there.  They also offered a suggestion of getting a different colored ball to help you find it which also seems like common sense.  Then they talked about a tournament at Cog Hill which happens during the snow.  When I first clicked on this article I got excited thinking people besides me actually thought of golfing in the snow.  The more I read about it though the more I realized that it just wouldn't happen here.  The snow is over 2 feet deep on most golf courses around here.  It would be almost impossible to walk.  Also no matter what the color of the ball it would be near impossible to find in snow that deep.  How in the world would you even get the ball into the cup?  So my dreams of winter outdoor golf were crushed.  This is probably good considering it is a little bit of a crazy idea.  In the end this article just ended up making me disappointed.  So back to playing with my putting return thingy.

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