Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hyundai Tournament of Champions

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Approach shot on first hole
Well the 2011 PGA Tour is kicking off this week.  You can see it starting tomorrow thru Sunday on  the Golf Channel.  I will be able to see most of this except the last day.  It's sad but for some reason Grand Forks North Dakota does not seem to believe in putting the Golf Channel on basic cable like they do here in Wisconsin.  Nonetheless I plan on watching as much of it as I can.  Now that I have started this golf blog I feel it to be my duty to try to stay as updated as possible on the world of golf.  Also I have my own personal reason to watch the tournament.  Kapalua is probably my most hated real course on the PGA game I play on my Tiger Woods game.  You know it is bad when you are swearing up a storm on the first hole because of how hilly it is.  It seems like the greens on every hole on this course for the game have some crazy hills to them, or on the side of a hill where if you screw up the putt the ball either rolls back past you or is gone down a steep hill.  So I want to watch this tournament to see if really that course is as devilish as it is on the game.  I would also like to thank Tiger Woods game for making me interested in the courses played on the PGA tour which probably will make my golf addiction even less manageable.  I really have no predictions on who is going to win the tournament, so I don't really have any specific golfer I am rooting for for this one.  Either way I am still excited and cannot wait to start watching it.

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